The Golden Egg Story For Kids With Moral

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The Golden Egg Story

Hello Friends, In this post we are sharing The Golden Egg Story for Kids. This is a story about a greedy farmer.  The moral of this story is we should not be greedy. Enjoy reading this story.


The Golden Egg Story

Once there was a farmer.

He was very poor.

Once he found a hen laying golden egg everyday.

He took hen to his home.

He sold eggs in market and earned money.

He full filled all the necessary requirement of the family.

Gradually he became one of the richest person in the village.

One day he thought every day the hen lays only one egg.

She must be have so many eggs in her stomach.

But how do I take out all those eggs?

He Go to the wise man of the village to seek his advice.

He said to wise man I have an hen that gives golden eggs.

I want to take out all golden eggs from her stomach.

The wise man became Angry and said,  this is not possible.

You can’t get all the eggs at one time.

Please go away. i can’t help you in this matter. its a foolish idea.

The farmer returned disappointed.

After reaching home farmer thought that if i cut the stomach of hen than i can get all the eggs at one time.

Farmer cut the hen and killed it.

And didn’t  get anything.

He got rid of the golden eggs. 

So what we learn from this story that we should not be greedy.

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