The Sour Grapes Story

 The Sour Grapes

Hello friends, Today we are sharing a fox story. “The sour grapes” So enjoy the story.

One day he was walking in the forest.
He came upon a grape orchard
There he found a bunch of beautiful grapes hanging from a high branch.
The Fox felt very hungry.
The grapes branch was very high.
The fox jumped up towards the grapes.
He did not get high enough.
The grapes were too high for him.
he tried and tried again and again but failed to get them.
Finally he gave up and said, oh I am so tired now, the grapes are too high, i cant reach them at any cost.
When he walked away he said to himself I am sure those grapes are probably sour.
In fact I don’t like grapes. why should I tried so hard for them.
The moral of the story is you don’t achieve your goals if you give up by making excuses.


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