The Elephants And The Rats Story

The Elephants And The Rats Story


Hello friends welcome to our blog, in this post we are sharing a very nice story of “the elephants and the rats”. In this story you will read that how a friend can be identified in a condition where you can rely on him. The moral of the story is “A friend in need is a friend indeed”.

The Elephant and the Mouse Story

  • Long long ago a group of rats live happily in a forest.
  • one day a herd of elephants passed through that area in search of water.
  • Many homes of the rats were destroyed under their big feet.
  • some rats were also killed.
  • The king of rats Mushakraj went to the king of elephants Gajraj and requested him to take herd from another route to the pond.
  • He accepted the request and told the elephants to take the other way without disturbing the rats. Mushakraj was very happy and pleased with Gajraj.
  • He thanked him and promised that the rates would always be ready to help the elephants.
  • After few months one day when the rats were playing.
  • They hear loud shout of elephants coming from the direction of the pond.
  • Mushakraj realized that the elephants were in some danger.
  • He asked some of the strong rats in his group to come along and went in the direction of that sound.
  • Near the pond they saw the elephants caught in the traps spread by some hunters.
  • The rats quickly started biting the ropes with their sharp teeth soon the elephants was set free They thanked the rats and also felt sorry for making fun of their small size.

Moral of the Story : 

The moral of “The Elephant and the Mouse Story” is that “A friend in need is a friend indeed” which means a friend can be identified in a condition where you can rely on him. A true friend can be tested in difficult situations.

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