Essay on How to keep our surroundings clean

10 Lines on How to Keep Our Surroundings Clean

Maintaining a clean and hygienic environment is a collective responsibility that greatly impacts our quality of life. Each one of us can contribute to this cause by adopting simple yet effective practices in our daily lives. Here are ten lines that offer guidance on how to keep our surroundings clean and promote a healthier and more pleasant living environment. In this post, we are presenting “10 lines on How to keep our surroundings clean”. this is an easy essay for kids it will be helpful in their EVS work. it is easy to learn and understand.

  • The cleanliness of our surroundings gives us a healthy life.
  • The place where we live should be clean.
  • The waste of our homes should be thrown in the dustbins.
  • We should keep our house clean every time.
  • After play we should keep our toys in their right places.
  • We should bath every day to make ourselves clean.
  • When we go out we should never throw any type of waste on the roads.
  • We should not use plastic bags.
  • We should clean our garden area everyday and water the plant also.
  • We can help our mother in house cleaning like sweeping, washing, and dusting.
  • We should always thrown dry and wet wastes in different different dustbins.
  • By these ways we can keep our surrounding clean.



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