10 Lines On Car in English

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10 Lines On Car in English

Hello, friends in this post we are sharing 10 lines on cars in English. A car is a vehicle that people use to travel on roads. It has four wheels and an engine that makes it go. Cars can be different colors, shapes, and sizes. Some cars are small and can fit just two people, while others are big and can carry many passengers. I hope this post will be helpful for you. If you have any suggestions please comment to us.

Short Essay on Car for Kids

  • A car is a road vehicle.
  • The car comes in many designs.
  • The car has 4 tires, steering, headlight, window etc.
  • It needs petrol, diesel and CNG to run.
  • A car is very useful for humans in today’s world.
  • Journey by a car is very easy & comfortable.
  • Car makes our journey extra fast and joyful.
  • It saves our time also.
  • There are many famous car companies like Mercedes, Toyota, Ford, Nissan Etc.
  • We can use car for family journey or travel.
  • I like blue color car.
  • Everyone should drive the car very carefully.

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