10 Lines on International Teacher’s day in English

 10 Lines on International Teacher’s Day in English


World teachers day also know as international Teacher’s day.

International teacher’s day is celebrated on 5th October every year.

The aim of international teacher’s day is to focus on appreciating and improving the teachers of the world.

International Teacher’s day firstly celebrated in 1994.

Following the adoption of the recommendation concerning the status of teachers in 1994 by the UNESCO 5th October has been officially recognized as world Teacher’s day.

India celebrates the birth of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan on 5th September as teacher’s day.

This day acknowledge teachers’ hard work and patience in spite of the tiring and stressful job.

On this day various events and program are held to honor the role of teachers.

This day is celebrated to improve awareness,  understanding and appreciating for a great contribution of teachers in education field.

The theme of international Teacher’s day in 2020 “teachers leading in crisis remaining the future”.

The theme for World Teachers’ Day 2022 is “The transformation of education begins with teachers”.

Teachers have most important role in increase literacy rate in the world.

No one can deny the fact that that his teachers has greatly affected his thought and way of living.


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