10 lines on World Photography Day in English /Short Essay on World Photography Day/#worldphotographyday

10 lines on World Photography Day in English

August 19 is celebrated as World Photography Day, with the aims to inspire photographers across the world to share a photo with a simple purpose: to share their creativity to the world. In this post we are sharing 10 lines on World photography day this will helpful for students.

  • World Photography Day is celebrated on 19 August every year. 
  • The Photography’ word was first coined by Sir John Herschel in 1839. 
  • It is the international celebration of the invention of photography. 
  • The concept of celebrating this day began in 1839.
  • Photography is the art of capturing real-life moments and presenting it on a paper. 
  • Photography enables us to live our valuable moments again as they can only be captured in the form of photographs. 
  • Many persons have the hobby of photography and they also have good skill of capturing images in a different way and angle. 
  • Main purpose to celebrating this day is to recognition the importance of photography in our life. 
  • People also remember the great photographers for their immense contribution to this field On this day. The first durable photograph taken through red, green, and blue filters was developed in 1861. 
  • The whole world can participate in this celebration by clicking one beautiful picture on our mobile phones.

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