10 Lines on Lady Finger for Kids

10 Lines on Lady Finger for Kids

Hello friends welcome to our blog, we are here with an another informative post for you. We have provided ten lines on “Lady Finger” in English. After reading this posts you will know about, Lady Finger that Is Lady’s Finger good for health? Is Lady Finger a green vegetable?  and more.



Short Essay on My Favorite Vegetable

  • Lady finger is a vegetable.
  • It is green in color.
  • Lady finger is also known as Okra.
  • It is approximately 2-7 inches in length.
  • It is long and tube shaped.
  • It is good for our health.
  • The plant can grow up to six feet in height.
  • There are many white colored round shaped seeds in it.
  • It is a good source of vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B and fiber.
  • It can help in reducing cholesterol by binding along with bile acids.
  • It is my favorite vegetable & I loved it.


10 lines on lady finger
Lady finger


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