10 Lines on Indian Air Force Day

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10 Lines on Indian Air Force Day

Hello friends, welcome to our blog, we are here with another informative post for you. We have provided ten lines on “Indian Air Force Day” in English. After reading this post you will know about, Indian Air Force Day, Why do we celebrate Indian Air Force Day?, Why Indian Air Force Day is celebrated?, Which is Indian Air Force Day?, Who started Indian Air Force Day? and more.


Short Essay on Indian Air Force Day

  • Indian Air Force Day is celebrated on October 8 every year.
  • The Indian Air Force was officially established in the year 1932.
  • This day is celebrated with great enthusiasm at various Air Stations in the country.
  • The Indian Air Force is also known as “Bhartiya Vayu Sena”.
  • It is the air arm of the Indian Armed Forces.
indian air force day poster
Indian Air Force Day Poster
  • Indian Air Force day is celebrated in air force bases all across the country with air shows and parades.
  • These shows and parades are conducted by air force cadets.
  • The Indian Air Force has been a fundamental and crucial part of the defense system of our country.
  • This day creates awareness of the Indian air force in any organization of national security both officially and publicly.
  • We should always respect of arm forces of our country.


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