10 Lines on Milkman for Kids

10 Lines on Milkman in English

Hello friends welcome to our blog, we are here with an another informative post for you. We have provided ten lines on “Milkman” in English. After reading this posts you will know about, Milkman  that Why is milkman called milkman?, What does milkman mean?, How did milkman work?, How milkman helpful for us? and more.


Short Essay on Milkman in English
  • A milkman is a person who delivers milk at our doorstep early in the morning .
  • He gets up early in the morning and collects milk from a dairy.
  • He carries milk containers on his bicycle or motorcycle.
  • He delivers milk door to door.
  • He is responsible for timely delivery of milk at each house.
  • A milk man is expected to deliver milk packets at the correct time every morning.
  • He continues his works in all seasons summer, winter and rain.
  • Milk men are usually very friendly with their customers and serve them with a smile.
  • They do their work like a paper vendor to make money
  • We should be grateful to him for working so hard for us.

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