10 Lines on Train for Kids

10 Lines on Train in English

Hello friends, welcome to our blog, Are you looking for 10 lines on Train in English? we are here with another informative post for you. We have provided ten lines on “Train” in English. After reading this post you will know about Train that What is the use of train?, What is a journey by train?, What are the advantages of a train? and more. ¬†Here, we will provide you Few lines on Train. We have provided 10 sentences on Train in English for kids. After reading this you will know that What is train essay?, What is few lines on train transport? , What are a simple sentences for train? and more.


Short Essay on Train for Kids

  • A train is an important means of transport.
  • It runs on coal or electricity.
  • It runs on a railway track.
  • Train has an iron body with iron wheels
  • A train has an engine and many bogies.
  • There are two types of trains: passenger train and goods train.
  • Goods trains carry various goods.
  • The journey of a train is very comfortable.
  • We should keep the train clean.
  • I like train journeys very much.
  • It runs at high speed and goes a long distance.
10 lines on train

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Train runs on a railway track.

Goods trains carry various goods.

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