10 Lines on Govardhan Puja/Short Essay on Govardhan Puja in English/#GovardhanPuja (गोवर्धन पूजा)

10 Lines on Govardhan puja

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10 Lines on Govardhan puja

  • Govardhan puja is celebrated just a day after Diwali in the month of Kartik.
  • It is one of the most auspicious events for Hindus.
  • There are many stories behind celebrating Govardhan puja.
  • Lord Krishna protected the village people from the anger of Lord Indra on this day.
  • They promoted people to pray to the mountain instead of Lord Indra for rain.
  • Lord Indra became angry with this so they immersed the whole Vrindavan in water, people went to Krishna for help, then Krishna raised the Govardhan parvat on his small finger and saved them.
  • After that lord Indra felt sorry and he stopped the rain.
  • After this incident, every year people celebrate this occasion as Govardhan puja.
  • People keep some pots filled with different food items and pray to Lord Krishna on this day.
  • On this day some people make a Parvat like structure and Krishna idol from cow dung and perform prayer.
  • People also cook a variety of recipes to serve lord Krishna. It is also known as Annakut in India. 
    Govardhan puja


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