10 Lines on Christmas Tree

10 lines on Christmas Tree


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Ten lines on Christmas tree

  • Christmas is the holy festival of Christians which they also call the Bada din.
  • Christmas tree is one of the major attractions of Christmas festival.
  • The Christmas tree has a special significance on the occasion of Christmas.
  • Christmas tree decoration is the most important part of the Christmas celebration.
  • On this day all the elders and children together decorate the Christmas tree.
  • The tree is decorated with candles, toffees and colorful glitter balls.
  • Since ancient times, the Christmas tree is considered a symbol of the continuity of life.E
  • It is believed that by decorating it, the children of the house live longer and positive energy flows in the house. 
  • Various sizes of Christmas trees are available in the market. They are also available in glass at many shops.
  • The Christmas tree is considered to be a charitable, donor tree or a representation of Jesus Christ.


Christmas Tree


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