10 Lines on National Vaccination Day

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10 Lines on National Vaccination Day

Hello friends, welcome to our blog, we are here with another informative post for you. We have provided “10 Lines on National Vaccination Day”. After reading this post you will know what is National Vaccination Day. Did you know National Vaccination Day? What is the importance of National Vaccination Day? Why is National Vaccination Day celebrated? And more.


10 Lines on National Vaccination Day

National Vaccination Day is also called the National Immunization Day.

National Vaccination Day is celebrated every year on 16 March. 

This day is celebrated to convey the importance of vaccination to the entire nation.

The day was first observed in the year 1995.

India started Pulse Polio Program in the year 1995.

According to the WHO, immunization is a ‘health and development success story.

India has started the COVID-19 vaccination for 15 to 18 years age group and booster dose for senior citizens.

Vaccination is the most effective way of preventing highly infectious diseases.

Generally Vaccines do not have any side effects on the body, but it depends on person to person.

People who already have any health issues should carefully take vaccinations.

India has launched its first vaccine Bacille Calmette-Guerin (BCG) over 50 years ago to combat Tuberculosis.


National Vaccination Day

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