When I Was Made April Fool | Essay on April Fool’s Day


When I was made April Fool

April Fool’s Day is a holiday celebrated on April 1st of every year. It is a day when people traditionally play practical jokes and pranks on each other. The origins of the holiday are uncertain, but it has been celebrated for centuries in various cultures around the world.

Essay on april fools day
Essay on april fools day

On April Fool’s Day, people often play harmless jokes on their friends and family, such as putting salt in the sugar jar or hiding someone’s shoes. It’s all in good fun and is meant to be a lighthearted way to celebrate the start of spring.

However, it’s important to remember that not everyone enjoys being the target of pranks, and some people may find them hurtful or mean-spirited. It’s always a good idea to consider your audience and make sure that your pranks are in good taste and won’t cause any harm or offense.

One popular prank is to place a whoopee cushion on someone’s chair, causing a loud farting noise when they sit down. Another classic prank is to put salt in the sugar jar or switch the contents of two similar-looking containers.

In recent years, technology has provided new opportunities for April Fool’s Day pranks. For example, in 2019, Google created a fake “Screen Cleaner” feature for their Google Pixel phone, which claimed to use high-frequency vibrations to remove dirt and debris from the screen.

The most common/known sentence in India “April Fool Banaya”, I hope you all are aware about this. Today this is our topic when I was made fool by my friends on 1st April. Before proceeding I would like to add an introduction about this special day in our life.

“April fool!” This day is celebrated annually on 1st April and consists jokes and practical pranks made on others by shouting “April Fool Banaya!!” on the victims. This custom is considered to be hundreds of years old or more than this.


April Fool Day
April Fool Day


April Fool day is considered as non-religious festival in western countries when people make pranks on others without bothering about age group.

Once, when i was in 10th Standard, I was made fool by my friends. let me begin that story now. I had a call from one of my friend (Sanjay) saying my best friend (Vikash) is having some issues with me and i had no clue about it. Next day when i reached my school, i tried to talk Vikash multiple times but he did not respond which made me very sad. I was completely confused and curious to know what actually has happened to him as he was completely okay yesterday. By the lunch time I came to know that Sanjay(Who called me) was the trouble maker as he had provoked Vikash by saying that i was trying to portrait Vikash as a bad guy in our group. I went to Sanjay and asked about the same but he said he did not say anything to anyone. I became very sad and wanted to know everything but no one was responding well. Just after our last lecture, I tried one last time to talk to Vikash and he started laughing along with all my friends as this was a prank made by him only. They all started shouting “April Fool Banaya!!“. 

Then I realized that it was 1st of April and smiled with tears in my eyes. Although it was a prank only but it was very impact full for some days.

Since then, I do not miss a single chance to make anyone April Fool. Next time it can be you as well. This story is a true one as today it is not April 1st.

Overall, April Fool’s Day is a fun and light-hearted holiday that provides an opportunity for people to let loose and have some fun. However, it’s important to remember that the pranks should be in good taste and should not cause harm or offense to others. As long as everyone is having fun and enjoying the holiday, April Fool’s Day can be a great way to start the spring season with a smile on your face.



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