10 Lines On National Technology Day

10 Lines On National Technology Day

Welcome to Our blog in this post we are sharing some informative line about National Technology Day. National Technology Day is celebrated in India on May 11th each year. The day is observed to commemorate India’s successful nuclear test in 1998, which marked a major milestone in India’s technological advancement. On this day, the country celebrates its achievements in science and technology and recognizes the contributions of its scientists, engineers, and innovators. After reading this post you will know about that What is National Technology Day celebrated?, Who invented National Technology Day?, Who declared 11 May as National Technology Day? And more. This will helpful for students in their learning and school homework also. Check out the lines:


Short Essay on National Technology Day

  • National Technology Day is celebrated on 11 May every year across India.
  • It celebrates India’s scientific achievements.
  • India successfully tested nuclear bombs in Pokhran on 11 May 1998.
  • Shree Atal Bihari Vajpai signed the declaration officially celebrating the date 11 May as National Technology Day of India.
  • Since 1999, every year the Technology Development Board (TDB) celebrates this day by various technological innovations that have positively impacted on us.
  • There are many other significance of this day First indigenous aircraft “Hansa-3” was test flown at Bangalore On 11 May 1998.
  • This Year National Technology Day will be focused on rebooting the economy by Science and Technology.
  • The technology includes medical technologies, advanced technologies, computer technologies and manufacturing that would enable India to fight Covid-19.
  • Every year, the Technology Development Board of India awards various individuals with national awards for their contribution on this day.
  • We can easily say that this day glorifies the importance of science in our daily life.
  • This celebration showcases the talent and potential of our scientists and innovators to the world.

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