10 Lines on World No Tobacco Day (31 may)

Paragraph on World No Tobacco Day


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Essay on World No Tobacco Day (31 may)

  •    The world no tobacco day observed on 31st May every year.
  •    The main purpose behind the event is to stop the negative health impacts.
  •    The world no tobacco day gets authorized by the heads of the World Health Organization.
  •    This day Media shows the positive aspects of this day with advertisements.
  •    All the NGOs and Civil organizations join together to promote the quieting of tobacco on this day.
  •    Smokers start suffering from cancer diseases after the unlimited use of tobacco.
  •    Tobacco day aware people to live their lives tobacco-free.
  •    Maximum smokers face many respiratory diseases.
  •    Many motivational campaigns organize by media on this special day.
  •    The World No Tobacco Day is celebrated every year with a new theme.
  •    The theme for World No Tobacco Day 2024 is “Protecting children from tobacco industry interference“.
  •    If someone is beginning to use tobacco and nicotine products, the more likely they are to become addicted.
  •    So, it very important for everyone to stay away from smoking and vaping.

 T he meaning of no tobacco is not containing or relating to tobacco (= a substance smoked in cigarettes, pipes, etc.

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