10 Lines on World Asteroid Day/ Ten Lines on International Asteroid Day

10 Lines on World Asteroid Day

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10 Lines on World Asteroid Day

  • World Asteroid Day is observed on 30 June every year.
  • It is also known as International Asteroid Day.
  • World Asteroid Day is celebrated to raise awareness in public about the asteroid’s hazardous effect.
  • This day also marks the anniversary of the Tunguska impact over Siberia.
  • Tunguska impact was a large explosion occurred on that day in the sky over the Podkamennaya Tunguska River in Siberia, Russia.
  • This day also educate people about the risks and opportunities of asteroids.
  • There are many educational programs and events organized on multiple digital platforms to raises awareness about the role of asteroids in the formation of our universe.
  • They also explain that how their resources can be used in the future and how we can protect our planet from the impacts of asteroids.
  • Asteroids are the small rocky body that orbits around the sun.

Mostly, Asteroids are found between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter but some have more eccentric orbits.

The size of asteroid from about the size of pebbles to around 600 miles across.

10 Lines on World Asteroid Day
World Asteroid Day

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