10 Lines on Importance of River / Short Essay on Importance of River


Ten Lines on Importance of River

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10 Lines on Importance of River 

  • Rivers are the backbone of human civilization.
  • We get fresh water from the rivers, which is helpful for various purposes such as drinking, cleaning, washing, etc.
  • Rivers are one of the biggest sources of fresh drinking water.
  • Around 96% of the water body consists of saline water which cannot be consumed by us.
  • There are many civilizations formed around rivers.
  • The river plains had fertile soil which was helpful in cultivation.
  • They are also very helpful with transportation.
  • There are various aquatic animals which breed in rivers.
  • There are various plants that also grow in the rivers.
  • Animals and plants form a part of the ecosystem, which is very important to maintain balance in the food chain.
  • Rivers are also a source of energy which helps in creating electricity.
  • Rivers provide leisure as well as adventure. Various sports can also be played on the rivers.
  • We should keep rivers clean and let them flow steadily.

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