10 lines on Lumpy Virus in English / What is Lampi Virus?

10 Lines on Lumpy Virus

Hello friends in this video we are presenting a 10 line essay on “Lumpy Virus” & “Lampy Virus“. We hope this is helpful for you.

  • The lumpy virus is spreading in cows in many states of the country.
  • According to the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI), the lumpy virus is a disease transmitted by cows and buffaloes.
  • This is a type of skin disease which is caused by a virus called Capripoxvirus. It spreads from one animal to another.
  • Due to this disease, lumps start appearing in the skin of infected cows and buffaloes.
  • This virus is spreading so fast that thousands of animals have died in Rajasthan, UP, Bihar and MP.
  • The main symptoms of lumpy disease are fever, loss of weight, watery eyes, drooling, rash on the body, loss of appetite and giving less milk.
  • It is a disease that spreads through direct contact with cattle and also through contaminated food and water.
  • To prevent lumpy disease, keep the infected animal isolated and clean the living space properly. Also regularly spray mosquitoes and get the infected animal vaccinated.
  • When the animal dies, do not leave it uncovered and spray the entire area with disinfectants.
  • This virus especially affects cows with weak immunity. Only a vaccine can control and prevent this disease.
  • While milking a cow-buffalo infected with lumpy virus, take these measures to protect yourself –  do milking by wearing a mask, sanitize your hands after milking, cleaning your hands before and after milking.

10 Lines on Lumpy Virus

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