10 Lines on New Year in English

10 Lines on New Year in English

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10 Lines on New Year

  1. The first day of every year is celebrated as New Year in the world.
  2. According to the English calendar, New Year is celebrated on 1st January.
  3. New Year’s Day is a holiday all over the world.
  4. New Year’s Day is celebrated with great happiness.
  5. People enter the new year with good memories.
  6. The night of December 31 people celebrate the New Year’s.
  7. 12 o’clock at night one wishes each other and gives new year greetings.
  8. On the New Year People made different types of dishes.
  9. New Year’s Eve comes  after 7 days of Christmas day.
  10. The New Year marks the end of last year and the start of a New Year.
10 Lines on New Year
10 Lines on New Year

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