Short Essay on Fish in English

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Few Lines on Fish

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Short Essay on Fish


  1. Fish are the most interesting animals in the animal kingdom.
  2. Fish cannot survive outside the water. Fish are aquatic animals.
  3. Fish is a cold-blooded animal means it doesn’t require heat to survive.
  4. A fish has a backbone, fins, and gills.
  5. Fish come in more varieties than any other group of vertebrate animals.
  6. There are about 32,000 different species of fish found around the world.
  7. Fish comes in many colors and sizes It can be 1/2 inch to 40 ft. long.
  8. It is considered one of the best dishes in the diet for humans.
  9. All fish have gills that helps them to breathe in water.
  10. Fish live in streams, rivers, ponds, lakes, and oceans.
  11. Fish prefer to live in groups, which known as a shoal. A shoal can contain millions of fish.
  12. Many people like to have fish as pets.
  13. There are special aquariums and food available in markets for fish. Through them, people can easily take care of their fish.
  14. Fish is one of the beautiful creatures in the world.
  15. It is also considered as the Avatar of Lord Vishnu as ‘Matsya’.

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