10 Lines Short Stories with Moral | Short Stories in English

10 Line short stories

Short Stories in English With Moral Short stories have a magical way of transporting us to different worlds and teaching us valuable lessons along the way. In this collection of English short stories for kids, you’ll embark on exciting adventures, meet interesting characters, and uncover essential morals that will stay with you as you grow. … Read more

The Bear and Two Friends Story | 10 Line Story With Moral

Bear and Two Friends Story 

Bear and Two Friends Story  Rahul and Sanjay were good friends. One day they went to the forest. They saw a bear coming to them. Rahul climbed up a tree. But Sanjay did not know how to climb a tree. So, he lay down on the ground. He closed his eyes and held back his … Read more

Emma : The Kind Elephant Story | Moral Story

Emma : The Kind Elephant

Emma : The Kind Elephant In a lush and colorful jungle, there lived a gentle and kind-hearted elephant named Emma. Emma had a heart as big as her towering frame, and He was loved by all the animals in the jungle for her warmth and compassion. One sunny day, as Emma strolled through the jungle, … Read more

Ellie the Elephant’s Helping Trunk Story for Kids

Elephant's Helping Trunk

Elephant’s Helping Trunk Once upon a time, in a vast and magical forest, there lived a kind and gentle elephant named Ellie. Ellie had the most beautiful long trunk that He used to gather water, pluck juicy leaves, and play with her friends. He was loved by all the animals in the forest. One sunny … Read more

The Monkey and Crocodile Story

The Monkey & The Crocodile story

The Monkey and Crocodile Story Hello Friends in this video we are sharing The Monkey & The Crocodile story for Kids. This is a story about a Monkey & Crocodile. The moral of this story is that intelligence and wit can help you out of any difficult situation. The monkey used his cleverness to outsmart … Read more

The Elephants And The Rats Story

The Elephants and The Rats

The Elephants And The Rats Story   Hello friends welcome to our blog, in this post we are sharing a very nice story of “the elephants and the rats”. In this story you will read that how a friend can be identified in a condition where you can rely on him. The moral of the … Read more

The Sour Grapes Story

The Fox and Grapes Story

 The Sour Grapes Hello friends, Today we are sharing a fox story. “The sour grapes” So enjoy the story. One day he was walking in the forest. He came upon a grape orchard There he found a bunch of beautiful grapes hanging from a high branch. The Fox felt very hungry. The grapes branch was … Read more

The Great Elephant Story-Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed-TALKWITHSHIVI

A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed Story With Moral For Kids

The Great Elephant: Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed Hello, friends today we are sharing a very nice moral story with you. enjoy the story from talkwithshivi. “A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed” is a moral story that can be read to kids as a bedtime story. Kids will love listening to … Read more

The Honest Woodcutter-Short Story for Kids /Honesty is the best policy.

Honest Woodcutter Story

The Honest Woodcutter Story Hello, friends today in this post we are sharing a very popular An Honest Woodcutter story with Moral. I hope this will helpful for students and children. The Honest Woodcutter Once there was a Woodcutter His name was vaasu. he was very energetic and honest. One day in the morning Vaasu … Read more

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