10 Lines on World Tuberculosis Day

10 Lines on World Tuberculosis Day in English

Hello friends in this video we are sharing 10 lines on World TB Day in English. I hope this will be helpful for you.

We observe World TB Day on 24th March every year.

It is also commonly known as the World Tuberculosis Day.

TB is an infectious bacterial disease that commonly affects a person’s lungs.

TB can have an impact on other body parts too including kidneys, brain, and spine.

This day is celebrated by organizing various campaigns and health awareness programs globally.

Tuberculosis is top of the most infectious killer diseases worldwide.

World TB Day is celebrated with a new theme every year.

The theme of World TB Day 2021 – ‘The Clock is Ticking’.

The theme of World TB Day 2024 – Yes! We can end TB

The aim of celebrating World Tuberculosis Day is to aware people about this disease.

Many hospitals organize free camps for people to check their health with respect to tuberculosis on this day. 

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