10 Lines on Child Labor in English


Essay on Child Labor in English

Welcome to our blog in this post we are sharing informative 10 lines on Child Labour. Child labour is a global problem that affects millions of children around the world. It refers to the employment of children in any form of work that deprives them of their childhood, education, or basic needs. Child labour is a violation of children’s rights and can have long-lasting negative effects on their physical, emotional, and cognitive development.

There are many reasons why child labour exists. Poverty, lack of access to education, and cultural attitudes that value children’s work over their education are some of the primary factors. In many cases, children are forced to work because their families cannot afford to support them or because they are forced to work by employers who exploit their vulnerability. This will helpful for students in their learning and school homework also. 



Short Essay on Child Labour in English

1) Child labour refers to the employment of children in work to earn a livelihood.

2) It removes their ability to attend school and gives them a negative and harmful atmosphere.

3) Poverty and illiteracy are the main causes of child labour.

4) Child Labour is mentally, physically and socially dangerous and harmful to children.

5) Under child labour, children become enslaved, separated from their families, and work as bonded labourers under their master.

6) Child Labor poses a serious issue in their working environment.

7) Children are involve in agricultural works, hunting, forestry and fishing.

8) In the industrial sector, they work in mining and manufacturing, construction and other allied activities.

9) Children also engage in the service sector comprising of hotels and real estate, community as well as social services.

10) International Labour Organization has set up international laws to eliminate child labour.

11) We have to fight against this and have to secure the rights of every single child.



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