10 Lines on No Smoking Day

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10 Lines on No Smoking Day


Hello friends, welcome to our blog, we are here with another informative post for you.Are you looking for 10 lines on No Smoking Day? Here, we will provide you 10 lines on No Smoking Day in English. It is celebrated on the second Wednesday of March every year. No Smoking Day 2023: This year it falls on March 8. Check out the lines why and how it is observed, its importance etc. Smoking causes many diseases and it also harms every organ in the body.

We have provided 10 lines and sentences on No Smoking Day in English for all. You can use these lines in your essays and paragraph writing in your exam as well as in the school competition. I hope this will enhance your knowledge about No Smoking Day. It will also help you in writing and learning about No Smoking Day essay, speech on No Smoking Day, few points or few lines on No Smoking Day. We have provided “10 Lines on No Smoking Day”. After reading this post you will know that Which day is No Smoking Day?, Why is it important to stop smoking? and What are reasons not to smoke? and more


Short Essay on No Smoking Day

  • No Smoking Day is observed every year on the second Wednesday of March.
  • No Smoking Day, 2023 is being celebrated on March 08, but you can quit smoking on any day of the year.
  • This day is observed to encourage people all over the world to quit smoking.
  • The main aim of this day is to spread awareness about the harmful health effects of tobacco.

No Smoking Day

  • Smoking or chewing tobacco is one of the worst habits for any person.
  • Coughing and throat infection are the initial effect of Effect of smoking. It also leads to a patchy skin and discoloration of teeth.
  • Sometimes it may cause serious health problems like heart disease, bronchitis, pneumonia, stroke, and many types of cancer.
  • The Government of India enacted various legislations and comprehensive tobacco control measures.
  • It is one of the main causes of serious Health conditions, including heart disease and lung cancer.
  • No matter what your age is or how long you’ve been smoking, your health benefits will begin as soon as you quit.


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