Essay on Phagotsav (फागोत्सव)

Phagotsav Essay in English

India is a secular country and here people of different religions live happily. In Sanatan Dharma or Hindu religion, many festivals like Holi, Mahashivratri and vijaya ekadashi are celebrated along with worshiping various gods and goddesses since ancient times. One of these is the festival of Holi.

Now you must be thinking that I am going to talk about Holi. No friends! Today we are going to talk about Phag festival, not about Holi. In fact, a synonymous word for Holi is Phag-festival. But the Phag festival that we are going to talk about is meant for the programs organized in the month of Phalgun. Phalgun is the name of a month in Hinduism.

गोविन्ददेवजी jaipur

Fagotsav is a month-long festival of Holi. Thakur ji’s special makeup is done in almost all the temples, especially in the temples of Lord Krishna, in the Fagotsav celebrated during the spring season. Special tableaux of Radha ji, Krishna ji are made in Fagotsav. Devotees dance with hymns and play Holi with flowers. Thakur ji is bathed with Panchamrit after retiring from bath etc. in the morning and wearing clean clothes and Fogotsav is started with Mangala Aarti. saffron milk Prasad is distributed among the devotees after offering food to God. During this, the Shobha Yatra and Kalash Yatra of God are also taken out by the devotees. In Kalash Yatras, women start the journey with big Kalash on their head and start the Fagotsav by chanting God’s hymns along with hymns. Wherever these yatras originate, they are welcomed by the people at various places and flowers are also showered on the yatra from the roofs of the houses.

Phalgun month is the 12th month of the Hindu calendar i.e. the last month. This is the month coming in spring. It is a month of fun and frolic and Fagotsav is celebrated with Faag songs. Since the main festival of Falgun month is Holi and Holi is one of the favorite festivals of Lord Krishna. That’s why Phagotsav is organized from the beginning of Falgun month till Holika Dahan.

During this, the devotees present a lively depiction of the pastimes related to Lord Shri Krishna’s Holi by organizing the Phag festival. In the Phag festival, along with playing Holi, the love between Lord Shri Krishna and Radha ji is described. While dancing and singing in Fagotsav, the devotees show their immense love and devotion towards Shri Krishna. Jaipur Govind dev ji temple Phagotsav is very famous. Every year many Phagotsav programs are organized in Govind dev ji temple.


Phag is the name of the dance which is a popular dance of Haryana. Along with this, Phag is also a folk song which is originally sung in Uttar Pradesh. Phag dance or song is mainly sung in the month of Phalgun of the Hindu calendar which falls between February and March. This song is a song of Shringar Ras and its rhythm is Dadra. Mainly musical instruments like mridang, jhanj and timki are used in this.

In many areas of northern India including Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana, the atmosphere gets drenched with colors as soon as the Falgun month arrives. Musical programs are organized in various temples on Phag-festival, in which devotees play Holi with colors, gulal and flowers along with dancing, singing hymns etc.

In this year 2023, the month of Phalgun has started with full moon on 5th February. Since Holika Dahan is on March 6, Fagotsav will be organized from February 5 to March 5. During this, devotees organize Phag Utsav in their homes as well as in various temples.

Fagotsav is celebrated in the month of Phalgun and Phalgun month comes in the spring season. In the spring season, the way new leaves come in place of old leaves on trees and plants, we should also abandon our old bad thoughts and adopt good thoughts. This is what this month teaches us. Similarly, the festival of Fagotsav and Holi celebrated in the month of Phalgun also inspires us to end the evils within us and live with unity by having kindness, love and forgetting mutual discrimination.

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