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10 Lines on Parrot

Parrots are beautiful and colorful birds that you might see in zoos, on TV, or even in your own home as pets. They have feathers in bright shades of blue, green, red, yellow, and more, and their beaks are curved and strong. But did you know that parrots are also really smart? In this post we will talk about parrots here we are sharing 10 Lines on parrot birds, after reading this post you will know that how to write a parrot essay ?, 10 lines about parrots, and What are the 5 characteristics of a parrot? and more.

Short Essay on Parrot

  • Parrots are very beautiful birds.
  • It has a green feather and a curved red beak.
  • Male parrots are green with a reddish and yellowish beak and female parrots are blue in color with a black beak.
  • The male parrot has a black ring on the neck.
  • The female parrots have a shining and attractive head.
  • Parrot eats grains, fruit, vegetable mainly green chilly, and seeds.
  • It found in warm countries.
  • There are about 400 species of parrots.
  • It is a talking bird.
  • It lives on trees.
  • The parrot is a very attractive bird.


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