Short Poem on Independence Day for Kids | Short Poem on 15 August

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Short Poem on Indian Independence Day

Hello friends’ in this post we are sharing a short poem on independence day for you.

Poem on Independence Day

Poem on Independence Day


In a land of colors, India’s pride,

Independence Day, so joyful and wide.

With hearts united, we stand tall,

Remembering heroes who answered the call.


Gandhi’s vision, nonviolence he showed,

A path to freedom, with love he sowed.

Flags unfurl, in the sky they soar,

Reminding us of the struggle of yore.


Children’s laughter fills the air,

As we celebrate with love and care.

Sweets and treats, happiness we share,

Grateful for the freedom we declare.


With joy in our hearts, we sing and play,

Remembering the heroes on this special day.

Indian Independence, a gift so true,

For children of tomorrow and me and you.

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