Review: AI Features, Pros, Cons & Pricing Review: AI Features, Pros, Cons & Pricing

For a blogger and content creator like me, the constant need for original and authentic content is fundamental and unignorable.

And wasting my precious time manually detecting the risk for plagiarism or finding the source for the plagiarized content was never acceptable.

Before sticking to this incredible plagiarism checker online, I have tested and invested in many well-reputed tools and let me tell you the truth, “nothing worked the way did for me!”

Its invincible accuracy in catching every single copied sentence, clearly separating the unique and duplicate content, and preparing a detailed report at the end were a few key reasons for choosing this tool over the rest.

After having a pleasant and satisfactory experience with this best plagiarism checker tool, I thought to review it to help other bloggers, content marketers, educators and even students who are in search of the most affordable yet accurate tool for plagiarism checking.

What is A Short Overview is an online plagiarism checker tool titled “one of the best, most accurate and efficient platforms for catching duplicate content.”

It compares the provided text with the built-in vast databases (e-books, blogs, journals, online, offline documents, etc.) and catches even a single similar or copied sentence.

The plagiarized and unique content will be highlighted as “red and green” respectively and the tool provides the percentage for both types of texts.

Moreover, by clicking on the plagiarized text, the user can get the source and link for the site from where the content was copied.

Additionally, the tool generates a downloadable and shareable plagiarism report for the users as a reference or proof.

Its matchless accuracy, untenable efficiency and affordability are the key reasons for its popularity among professionals as well as non-professionals.

Notable Features of | Reasons for Its Matchless Capability to Catch Duplicate Content

Plagiarism checker free can be a great aid for professionals in avoiding plagiarized content, maintaining content integrity and giving credit to the original author while using their work.

The following are the key features of this incredible tool that have made it a breeze to catch every single sentence that is not unique.

Generates Clear-Cut Results

The tool is designed to thoroughly analyze the provided text, compare it with the built-in databases and detect the copied text. In response, it will highlight the plagiarized text as “red” and the unique content as “green”.

Provides Source & Link for the Duplicated Text

By clicking on the plagiarized or the text highlighted in red, the user can get the source and link for the site from where the content was duplicated.

It is because the plagiarism detector is equipped with millions of pre-indexed sites or sources that enable the tool to quickly recognize the origin of flagged content.

Downloadable Plagiarism Report

As proof or for reference, the plagiarism checker provides the user with a detailed plagiarism report that will include the percentage of unique and plagiarized text and source and link for the copied content (for every single sentence separately).

User-Friendly, Available 24/7 & Secure

The tool is equally simple and easy for both professionals and beginners. Once you purchase the required plan, you need to log in to the account, paste the content to be checked for plagiarism, and here you can download the report in PDF format.

Another favorite feature of mine in this plagiarism detector tool is that it can be used anytime, anywhere around the clock. Unlike human help, an AI copied-text checker is an untiring professional assistance that will be accessible to them 24/7.

Additionally, the tool provides you the complete security of your data and does not save any user’s data in repositories.


  • User-friendly
  • Efficient, accurate (>90%) and fast
  • Multilingual content checking
  • Features vast databases (online and offline)
  • Detect both direct and indirect plagiarism
  • Generates a detailed plagiarism report in PDF format
  • Differentiates the copied and unique content by %age
  • Highlight the plagiarized content as “red”
  • Unique or original text will be highlighted as “green”
  • Provide source and link for the copied text
  • Facilitate the user in citing or paraphrasing the original source
  • Checks 25,000 words per attempt
  • Reliable tool for maintaining content integrity
  • Equally useful for beginners and professionals
  • Does not save the user’s data in repositories
  • Completely secure for user’s documents and data s
  • Ideal alternative to Turnitin (AI tool for plagiarism detection in research papers)
  • Also has the feature to remove plagiarism by select individual sentences


  • Not available offline
  • Does not offer free trials


To suit the varying requirements and needs of its users, the plagiarism checker online offers three of the following pricing plans with varying word counts and other features.

  1. Starter Plan ($5/month)

Recommended for students, offers:

  • 10,000 words
  • Deep plagiarism checking
  • Plagiarism report
  1. Professional Plan ($10/month)

Recommended for professional writers include:

  • 100,000 words
  • Deep plagiarism checking
  • Plagiarism report
  1. Agency Plan ($100/month)

Best for companies as offers:

  • 1 million words
  • Deep plagiarism checking
  • Plagiarism report
  • Multilingual content checking for plagiarism detection

Note: The accuracy of the tool in detecting plagiarism will be the same regardless of the plan you choose.

Benefits of AI Plagiarism Checker for Professionals

Non-professional bloggers, writers or other users usually copy others work or ideas and present them as their own after doing minor or no modifications, just to save their time.

A plagiarized piece of writing is not accepted and ranked by search engines, defames the brands or organizations and in severe cases, brings penalties for the content plagiarists.

One of the notable advantages of an AI plagiarism checker tool is that it helps the user maintain content originality, thus avoiding legal consequences.

  • Bloggers

The originality and quality of the content are of great importance for bloggers to maintain their audience’s trust and confidence. is a free and the most accurate online tool for catching even a single duplicated sentence, helping bloggers to conveniently catch and remove the copied content.

  • Content Writers

Content writers have to deal with a large amount of data while researching, writing and renewing the content, therefore, unintentional plagiarism is possible in their work.

An AI plagiarism checker can be a great professional aid in avoiding that indirect form of plagiarism and also help them in the quickest and most effortless review of their own written text.

  • Students & Researchers

For students and researchers, a plagiarism checker tool can be beneficial in avoiding unintentional plagiarism effortlessly and crediting the original author while using their work. So, it can be a great academic resource to ensure academic integrity and also provide learning opportunities.


Concluding the above discussion here, it would not be wrong to say that is an ideal platform for accurate, effortless and reliable plagiarism detection.

It features vast databases including millions of e-books, blogs, offline content, PDF files, video transcripts, journals, semantic datasets, thesis, archives etc. to check the provided content for catching any instance of plagiarism.

This online plagiarism checker provides a percentage for the duplicate and unique content, source and link for the copied text, and prepares a detailed plagiarism report.

Its user-friendly interface, affordability and efficiency make it equally beneficial for professionals and non-professionals.

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