10 Lines on Doctor in English

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10 lines on Doctor in English

Hello, friends In this post we are presenting 10 lines on Doctor, on the occasion of National Doctors Day. A doctor is a person who helps to keep us healthy and treats us when we are sick or hurt. Doctors are very important because they help us to feel better when we are not well. They can take care of many different illnesses and injuries. After reading this post you will know about Who is doctor for class 1?, What is a doctor in simple words?, Who is doctor short note?, and more. we hope this is helpful to you. these are helpful in learning and school projects also.

Short Essay on Doctor in English

  • A doctor has a very important place in our society.
  • Doctors did really very hard work in treating corona virus patients in corona period.
  • Doctors treat sick or injured people
  • They also give proper advice related to our health.
10 Lines on Doctor
10 Lines on Doctor
  • Doctors treat patients in hospitals and clinics.
  • The doctor has nurses and compounders for the help.
  • The stethoscope usually hangs in the doctor’s neck.
  • The white colored coat is a doctor’s dress.
  • There are different types of doctors, Like dentist, psychiatrist, orthopedic etc.
  • 1st July is celebrated as Doctor’s Day in India
  • Doctors earn high respect and regard in society. We should also respect them.



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