10 Lines on Trees in English/ Essay on Importance of Trees In English

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10 Lines on Trees in English

Hello Friends welcome to our blog. Today we are sharing an another informative post for you about trees. Trees are our real friends on the Earth. They provide us with lot of things like food, fruits, vegetables, clean air and also rain. It gives us oxygen for breathing and maintaining ecological balance and decreasing pollution. It plays a very important role in the existence of human beings and ecology. Check out the lines:



10 Lines on Trees in English

  • Trees have most important space in our life.
  • Trees are very useful for us.
  • We get fruits, medicines, wood, paper , grains and many more other things from trees.
  • Trees cleanse our environment by giving oxygen.
  • They Absorbs harmful carbon dioxide present in the environment.
  • They release oxygen into the environment.
  • Many small creatures make their home on the tree.
  • Trees provide us shade and protection.
  • We should aware all the people about the importance of trees.
  • We should plant more and more trees for making our environment healthy and beautiful.
10 Lines on Trees
Importance of Trees


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