10 Lines on World Rose Day| Welfare of Cancer Patients | World Rose Day 2023

 10 Lines on World Rose Day (Welfare of Cancer Patients)


 Short Essay on World Rose Day (Welfare of Cancer Patients)

  1. The world Rose day is celebrated on September 22 every year to bring happiness among patients who are suffering from cancer.
  2. World Rose Day is observed in the memory of Melinda Rose.
  3. Melinda Rose  was a 12-year-old from Canada and she was suffering with blood cancer (Askin’s tumor).
  4. Askin’s tumor is a rare form of blood cancer.
  5. Doctors had said for Melinda Rose that she will live only up to 2 weeks, but she went on to live six months. Till her last breath, She did not give up hope of survival.
  6. In that period, she touched the lives of many patients by writing poems, e-mails and letters to other patients.
  7. Rose day is dedicated to many cancer patients who fought the disease bravely.
  8. The day is dedicated to spread awareness about the disease which spreads across the cells through all body parts.
  9. Rose is a symbol of love and concern. It is offered to patients to provide them energy to face and fight with  disease.
  10. On Rose day people organize many awareness programs to make people aware with importance of being cautious about cancer.
  11. The major cause of cancer is tobacco and some other reasons are obesity, poor diet, low physical activity or use of alcohol.
  12. On this day we can cheer up cancer patients by gifting roses with a message to show them love, support, care, and concern for cancer patients.



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