How I Spent My Holidays in Lockdown

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How I spent my Holidays in Lockdown

In Covid 19 situations everyone is facing many problems. A big problem is lockdown. In this post we are talking about Lockdown Holidays. What children and students feels and do in lockdown holidays. how they spent their lockdown holidays. So take a look. this post will help you write about lockdown holidays experiences.

How I spent my Holidays in Lockdown 

  • Holiday are the best time as it give us a chance to relax & explore new things. 
  • This time holidays are different because it came in lockdown period. 
  • On these holidays I have not visited any place. 
  • I spent my whole time at my house. 
  • In these vacations I played many games with my siblings. 
  • I have a craft hobby so I made many small crafts with the help of internet. 
  • I made many drawings I think it was best time pass for me I really enjoyed it. 
  • I have made some without flame recipes like raita, salad & Namkeen chat. 
  • I also helped my mother in many house hold works.
  • I managed my rooms properly & also managed it till now. I have followed all COVID 19 rules at home like regular handwash, drink hotwater & used sanitizer. 
  • During these holidays I have taken different experience of staying home with family and I really loved it.



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