10 Lines on International Day for Disaster Reduction/Essay on International Day Disaster Reduction

 10 lines on  International Day for Disaster Reduction

  1. 13th October is celebrated as the day for natural disaster reduction worldwide.
  2. This day ensure that how people and organizations of the world actively participate in reducing the risk to natural calamities.
  3. The theme of this year’s International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction is 
  4. “Disaster risk governance”.
  5. The International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction was started in 1989.
  6. This day would be proved successful only by coordination, collaboration and cooperation of individuals and communities.
  7. Governments and communities also take part in the International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction through various events and programs like as drawing, essay or photography competitions
  8. It is focus on making people aware about  natural disaster reduction and increasing their preparedness for such situations.
  9. Many people around the world have lost their lives, homes or access to essential facilities, such as hospitals, working destinations due to natural disasters,
  10. Because of Some big disasters there were huge economic damage to some countries.
  11. It celebrates efforts to reduce the risk of disasters and tries to promote the culture of becoming climate-friendly to reduce the chances of environmental disasters.
  12. Due to natural disaster, people lose lives every year all over the world. 
  13. We need to see strategies which is not helpful for  just single hazards like floods and storms but those that respond to systemic risk generated by zoonotic diseases, climate shocks and environmental failure.

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