10 Lines on Parents day in English

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10 Lines on Parents’ Day in English

Parents work hard their whole life to provide us with all facilities which are helpful for our overall development. They never show the difficulties they are facing in their life. they show that they are happy in their life but really they are struggling for us every day every minute and we cannot repay them for their contributions. They will not say how much pain they are facing because they don’t want to see us sad.  In this post we are sharing ten (10) line on parents day in English this will be helpful for students and children in their studies.

10 Lines on Parents day in English

  • Parents Day in India is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of July every year.
  • This year Parents Day is celebrated on Sunday, 25 July 2021. 
  • Parents Day is a great opportunity to spend some time with our parents. 
  • This Day reminds us of their love and affection they have showered upon us.
  • Parents always tolerate sorrows and make sacrifices for us.
  • This day is a very beautiful occasion to make them happy and cheerful.
  • On this day we can play some indoor games like carrom board or cards with our parents.
  • We can listen to some interesting stories from our parents about their past.
  • We should try to Cook their favorite dishes at home.
  • Parents Day has various dates in various countries of the world. 
  • Most countries celebrate parents day on the fourth Sunday of July including the United States of America.
  • Parents’ day is the perfect occasion to give the gift to them which they love most.

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