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10 Lines On Barber In English For Students


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Short Essay on Barber for Kids

  • A barber is a person who cuts our hair.
  • His occupation is to dress ,groom, style and shave men’s hair.
  • Barber is the person who gives a man great looks and personality.
  • He usually runs his own shop or works in a barber’s shop.
  • The word barber comes from the Latin word called barber which means beard.
  • Barbers are useful members of our society.
  • The necessary tools of a barber are two pairs of scissors, razors, a cup soap, nail cutter and some piece of cloths.
  • He is also required for social functions in marriage, birth and other ceremonies.
  • At presents time they are professionals in their industry who are commonly known as hair stylists.
  • A hair stylists can cut, trim and style your hair and do a complete makeover.


10 Lines on Barber


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