10 Lines on My Favorite Food : Burger

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10 Lines on My Favorite Food : Burger

Hello friends, welcome to our blog, we are here with another informative post for you. We have provided ten lines on “My Favourite Food” in English. After reading this post you will know about, My Favourite Food, that How do I write about my favorite food?, Which is your Favourite food essay? and more.


10 Lines on My Favourite Food

  • I love to eat many new and different dishes everyday.
  • My favourite food is burger.
  • It is a famous food.
  • It is one of the favorite foods specially for all kids.
  • I love to eat cheeseburgers.
  • My mother also makes delicious burgers at home.
  • She puts all kinds of healthy and yummy things in it.
  • Most of my friends also like to eat burgers.
  • Sometimes I also help my mother make burgers.
  • I sometimes take it to my school as my lunch.
  • I love to have extra cheese in my burger.
  • I also know that eating burgers daily is not good for our health.
  • I don’t eat burger regularly I eat it occasionally

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