10 Lines on World War II

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Essay on World War II

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Ten Lines on World War II

  • World War II was a world-class war that lasted from 1939 to 1945.
  • The land-water-air forces of about 70 countries were involved in this war.
  • In this war the world was divided into two parts – the Allies and the Axis.
  • About 100 million soldiers from different nations took part in this war.
  • All the countries involved in this war had thrown their economic, industrial and scientific potential in this war.
  • It was the deadliest war in human history.
  • It was started on 1 September 1939 and ended on 2 September 1945.
  • The immediate cause of the war was Germany’s invasion of Poland.
  • Germany Broke the Treaty of Versailles in 1935.
  • America joined World War II on 8 September 1941.
  • America used atom bomb on Japan on 6 August 1945.
  • The biggest contribution of World War II in the international arena is the establishment of the United Nations.


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