10 Lines on Online Education | Short Essay on Online Education in English

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10 Lines on Online Education

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10 Lines on Online Education

Education have an important place in our life.
Library has an important part in educational system.

Education meaning gaining knowledge and library is the source of knowledge.
Library is the place where lots of books are kept for reading.
Every school, college and education institute has its own library.
Most of students loves to read books in the library.
There are lots of books are available in the library like reference books, general knowledge books, literature books, series books and more.
Readers can easily read book in the library and can easily borrow books from the librarian.
There always remains pin drop silence and no one allowed to talk in the library.
Library is a very friendly place here we can find any book which we are searching for.
there is a big library in my school I love my school library very much.

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