10 Lines on Newspaper in English

10 Lines on Newspaper | Importance of Newspaper


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10 Lines on Newspaper 

Newspapers are the most commonly read type of published content.
Newspapers are publish news that are relevant to the public.
They are essential in today`s world, because it is the great way for spread news.
Newspaper also gives us the proper awareness regarding the current events that are happening around the world.
They provide information regarding Sports, Business, marketing and Banking, jobs opportunities, etc.
We can see about the Social issues and many more through newspaper.
Newspapers also give us the full details about the General Knowledge.
Through it We get the information regarding the educational schemes that going on in any particular state or city.
We can get the latest updates about our favorite Bollywood Celebrities through it.
Newspapers are our good friends, they also give us the daily practice set for our Competitive exams.
It also helps us to improve our English Grammar and Vocabulary .
They give us many things to learn that can be very useful in our Life.



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