Ten Lines on Minicomputer in English

10 Lines on Minicomputer in English

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10 Lines on Mini computers

Computers are the devices that make our work easy.

There are different types of computers are available according to our needs.

Mini computers are a type of computer with large computation power and smaller size.

According to the name, the minicomputers are mini in size with good efficiency.

Mini computers are more powerful than microcomputers.

They are manufactured according to bear a high workload.

They are multiprocessing systems that can have more than one processor.

It is less expensive than supercomputers.

Minicomputers offer multiprocessing and multitasking.

They makes our work easy and faster than others.

It is used to perform generating reports to communicating with clients, calculation, storing records, etc in business areas.

They are also used for scientific and engineering computations, business transaction processing, file handling, and database management.

A minicomputer may also be called a mid-range computer due to their efficiency between mainframe and microcomputers.

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