10 Lines on Ram Navami in English

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 10 Lines on Ram Navami

Hello friend in this video we are sharing 10 lines on Ram Navami. I hope this will helpful for you. 


Short Essay on Ram Navami

1) Ram Navami is a famous Hindu festival. 
2) Ram Navami is celebrated across India, it marks the birthday of Lord Rama. 
3) Lord Rama was the eldest son among the four sons of the king of Ayodhya, Dasharatha. 
4) His mother’s name was Kausalya. 
5) Lord Rama is also known as the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu. 
6) According to Hindu calendar, Rama Navami falls on the ninth day of the Chaitra month. 
7) On this day People wake up early in the morning and clean their houses and the worship place. 
8) All Devotees chant the name of Lord Rama throughout the day. 
9) It is a belief that by reciting the name of Lord Rama , Rama will help to lead a righteous life. 
10) Many institutions and organizations have holiday on this day. 
11)The entire atmosphere becomes spiritual and people enjoy this festival very much. 

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