10 Lines On Mother’s Day


10 Lines on Mother’s Day in English

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Short Essay on Mother’s Day
  • A Mother is the first teacher & first friend for her child. 
  • Every year, we celebrate the second Sunday of May as Mother’s day. 
  • This year, Mother’s day falls on 14th May 2023, Sunday. 
  • The celebration of mother’s day started in the Greece but now it is celebrated in all over the World. 
  • On this day, all children express their feelings to mothers and Thank her for all the efforts she does for them. 
  • On this day, there are various competitions like essay writing, drawing, speeches and more organized in schools. 
  • Mother’s day is celebrated to feel all mothers special and happy. 
  • Every child celebrates mother’s day in different way. 
  • Some children bring gifts for their mother or some does cook for their mother.
  • Maximum children try to make handmade gift for their mother on this beautiful occasion. 
  • Mothers perform all their duties throughout the day without any complaint. 
  • We cannot repay for her selfless love and care. 
  • On this day we should keep our mothers happy and never make her sad. 
  • She always wants to make us a good human being in life. So We should always obey her and do work properly. 

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