10 Lines On World Red Cross Day

10 Lines on World Red Cross Day

Welcome to Our blog in this post we are sharing some informative line about World Red Cross Day. World Red Cross Day is celebrated on May 8th every year to commemorate the birth anniversary of Henry Dunant, the founder of the Red Cross and recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. The day is observed to recognize the humanitarian services provided by the Red Cross and Red Crescent societies worldwide. After reading this post you will know about that Why do we celebrate World Red Cross Day?, What is National Red Cross Day?, Why Red Cross Day is celebrated on 8 May? and more. This will helpful for students in their learning and school homework also. Check out the lines:



Short Essay on World Red Cross Day

  • World Red Cross Day is celebrated every year on 8th May.
  • This day highlights the importance of volunteers who have dedicated their lives to help people in need.
  • The World Red Cross Day also marks the birth anniversary of Henry Dunant who was born on 8th May 1828.
  • He was the founder of International Red Cross Committee and the recipient of the first Nobel Peace Prize.
  • The Red Cross committee takes care of people who suffer adversities due to war and natural disaster like floods, fires and earthquake etc.
  • Every year, the World Red Cross Day is celebrated around the globe with a new theme.
  • World Red Cross Day is celebrated to recognize the services that Red Cross societies perform.
  • This day encourage people to promoting humanitarian activities in their surroundings.
  • This Day will highlight the great work of volunteers who respond to human suffering all over the world.
  • Many countries around the world organize various events like debates, discussions, seminars, health checkups, medical camps to celebrate World Red Cross Day.

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