10 Lines on World Olympic Day/ Essay on International Olympic Day

10 Lines on World Olympic Day

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10 Lines on World Olympic Day / Ten Lines on International Olympic Day

  • World Olympic Day or International Olympic Day is celebrated on 23 June all over the world.
  • The Olympic Games are an international sports event.
  • These games are held every four years, featuring summer and winter sports competitions.
  • Many athletes take part in various competitions from around the world.
  • International Olympic Day is celebrated to mark the importance of games and sports in our lives.
  • It is also celebrated to promote participation in games and sports across the world.
  • Athletes from every country participate in sports activities, like runs, exhibitions and educational seminars on this day.
  • World Olympic Day was first introduced in 1948. International Olympic Day commemorates the establishment of the International Olympic Committee.
  • Every year World Olympic day is celebrated with a new theme.
  • The theme of the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Week (OPW) will be “sport for the environment and the climate”.
world Olympic day
world Olympic day

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