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10 Lines on World UFO Day


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10 Lines on World UFO Day

  • The World UFO Day is celebrated by a few people on June 24 and some other celebrate it on July 2.
  • World UFO Day is celebrated on June 24 as on that date it was reported that aviator Kenneth Arnold had seen a UFO in the United States of America.
  • 2 July commemorates the supposed UFO crash of Roswell UFO incident in 1947.
  • The full form of UFO is Unidentified Flying Objects.
  • This day is celebrated to spread awareness about UFO spotted in various parts of the world and alien life forms.
  • They are generally considered as anomalies that are completely unidentified.
  • UFO can be seen in the sky but not identifiable as any known object.
  • It is a day for everyone to ponder the possibility that we are not alone in the Universe.
  • Usually UFOs are thought to be sophisticated spaceships of alien visitors to Earth.
  • The term UFO can be used to refer to any type of object that has not been previously seen in an area.




10 Lines on World UFO Day
World UFO Day


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