10 Lines on My Family in English | My Family Essay

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10 Lines on My Family

“My family is the heart and soul of my life. It’s a special group of people who make my world colorful and complete. In this essay, I’ll introduce you to the wonderful individuals who make up my family, share our cherished moments, and explain why they mean the world to me.”

Short Essay on My Family in English

1. My family is very small.
2. There are 6 people in our family.
3. My grandmother, my grandfather my mother, my father, and my elder brother.
4. My brother is 4 years older than me.
5. We both study in the same school.
6. My elder brother helps me in school work.
7. My brother is in eighth grade and me in fifth grade.
8. My father is a businessman.
9. My grandfather is retired and now he stays at home.
10. My mother is a house wife who does all the household work.
11. I love my family very much

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