10 Lines on Cow for Kids


10 Lines on Cow for Students & Children

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Short Essay on Cow

  • The cow is a domestic animal.
  • The Cow is found in many varieties and colors all around the world.
  • It has two ears and eyes, one big nose, two sharp horns, a long tail, and four limbs.
  • It eats fresh grass, husk grain, and vegetables.
  • In India, the cow is worshipped by Hindus from ancient times.
  • Apart from domestic use, the cow is reared in cow farms to get milk.
  • Cow gives us milk that is very nutritious and beneficial for humans.
  • Drinking cow milk regularly sharpens our brains and increases immunity power.
  • Farmers often use a male cow known as an ox to plough the fields and draw carts.
  • Their dung is used for making dung cakes which are used as fuel for cooking food etc. as well as manure for agricultural fields.
  • We must respect cow and treat her gently.

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