The Honest Woodcutter-Short Story for Kids /Honesty is the best policy.

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The Honest Woodcutter Story

Hello, friends today in this post we are sharing a very popular An Honest Woodcutter story with Moral. I hope this will helpful for students and children.

The Honest Woodcutter

Once there was a Woodcutter
His name was vaasu.
he was very energetic and honest.
One day in the morning Vaasu started his work.
He went to the forest and  looked out for woods.
He went towards the river for cut the wood.
There he found a big tree.
Vaasu started to cut the wood.
When he was cutting the wood his axe slipped from his hand and fell in to the river.
Vaasu said,”oh no what  have I done?
I have only one axe now how can I do my work? God please help me.
He started crying and prayed to God.
God answered his prayers.
God appear and ask him.
Why are you crying my son?
Vaasu said, I dropped my axe in the river please help me. I have only one axe.
God said don’t worry I will give you your Axe.
God took an Axe from the river. It was made of gold.
Vaasu said no god this is not my axe.
God again took another axe from the river.
It was made of silver.
God asked, my son is this your axe?
Vaasu again said no this is not mine.
Now god took an another axe from the river that was made of iron.
God asked to Vaasu is this your axe?
Vaasu became happy and said, yes God this is my axe.
God said My son I am very much pleased with your honesty.
For this I want to give you all three axes.
Please take all of three axes.this is a reward for your honesty.
Vaasu thanked to God and returned home happily.
Moral of the story is Honesty is the best policy.

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